Monday 17 October 2011

Deleted Scene & Launch Party and Generally Amazing News about Flame Of Surrender by Rhiannon Paille

A few days ago, Flame of Surrender by Rhiannon Paille went up for sale here.   As you may or may not  remember, Katy reviewed this and gave it strength 5 tea. And therefore it is absolutely amazing. You really should get this.

As a launch party, here and over at Ashley's blog, Rhiannon Paille has given us both a deleted scene from Flame of Surrender. And over at Rhiannon's blog, there's a deleted scene. So in general, today's a day with a lot of awesome Flame of Surrender stuff going on. Go have a look here for more information.^^

For those of you who want to see some romance, go see Ashley for the Hot Like Wow Tower Scene.

And for those of you who don't want to see some romance, stay here for the Crazy Disturbing Torture Scene (trigger warning here. For Torture. Obviously. It's not too bad. I'm still hiding it under a jump though.)

Crazy Disturbing Torture Scene (CDTS)
Valtor heard a slight moan and a smile stretched across his tattooed face. His eyes bore past the thick iron bars only to see Shezeel, The Quartz Flame conscious and feigning sleep. Cosissea, The Ruby Flame was out cold. He let himself inside the chamber and kept it open to mock them. Considering what he was planning, there was no way they would be able to run. It was a rather spacious chamber; a stone wall to the left of him, and more bars to the right, leading to an atrium of tools. He smirked at Shezeel’s closed eyes and leaned over her. He ran a hand down her black hair, letting his finger trail along her cheek. She was trembling and he loved it.
            “You get to watch,” he whispered as he stepped towards Cosissea. He put a hand up to the girl’s neck to feel for her pulse. Disappointed, he slammed his hand into her chest.
“Sensavnalum!” His eyes turned a pale white while the adrenaline coursed through Cossisea’s veins. He let his hand drop and began pacing towards the other end of the chamber.
Cosissea awoke sharp and screamed. Valtor knew she could feel the full force of every broken bone, every aching muscle, every cut and scrape, every bit of nerve and tissue damage. It was like her whole body was on fire and she was awake for all of it, unable to die from the pain.
Shezeel’s eyes snapped open. She looked at her sister helplessly.
Valtor hummed to himself in amusement. “Let’s see how long this takes.” He slid into the atrium and picked up a dagger.
Cosissea continued to scream in small outbursts, whimpering and panting between her cries. Most of the first torture session had been about magical wits, which had done enough damage , not to mention the broken bones she suffered while being kidnapped. She was unable to speak other than to cry. Valtor had made sure of it.  
“If you must torture someone, let it be me,” Shezeel said.
He concealed the dagger in his robe. “But I am torturing you.” He crossed the floor and crouched beside her. With one hand he unlocked the shackle and grasped her wrist. “You can see what I’ll do to you.”
Shezeel clenched her fist and recoiled from him.  
“Scared?” he said with a wry smile. He pressed his hand against hers, palm to palm. Her eyes fluttered and rolled into the back of her head.
“No!” Cosissea screamed. “Take me,” she whispered as Shezeel shook in violent spasms.  
Valtor let go of Shezeel’s hand and paced over to Cosissea.
“Tell me where they are.” He stared at her glistening black eyes knowing that at any moment he could end her life. She was clenching and unclenching her fingers, straining her neck and twisting her ankles. Her lips were pressed together and her eyes were blazing with anger. He reveled in it, wanting her to continue refusing him so he could continue making her hurt.
He pulled out the dagger and traced the edge of the blade with his eyes. He slid it slowly across Cossisea’s midriff, making a clean cut through the fabric. “Talk.”
 “Dak sama na guley,” she said in a language Valtor understood. It was a quote, “To be honorable in the face of death.”  
Valtor narrowed his eyes. He dug the knife into her thigh, pressing the blade against bone. Cosissea screamed and bit down on her lip. Thick granules of crimson ran from the wound. She cut her own lip with her teeth, blood staining her chin. She squeezed her eyes shut.
“You don’t speak you’ll bleed out,” Valtor said, pulling the knife out. He stopped, thinking about Crestaos, his master. He threw the dagger aside and grabbed the girl by the throat. His other hand worked, unlocking the shackles holding her strung against the wall. All he wanted to do was plunge the dagger into her throat, but he couldn’t. Not with Crestaos alive.
She fell on him as he unlocked the last of the shackles. He eased her into the cold floor and glanced at the wound. Retrieving the knife he glared at it. It sizzled in his hands. He smirked and pressed it to her thigh, cauterizing the wound.
Cosissea dared a last glance at him before passing out.
Valtor stood up and placed the knife in his belt. He might not be allowed to kill her, but he could leave her on the brink of death until she betrayed the Flames. He smiled as he swept out of the cage, leaving both Flames broken.

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