Wednesday 5 October 2011

Guest Post & Giveway: The Best Way to Deal With the Undead by MJA Ware

MJA Ware is here today, to talk about the best way to deal with zombies. Why? Becausehis debut novel, Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb, features heroes Nathan and Misty being forced to fight off zombies with lemonade and super-soakers. Sounds good? It is. And this is part of a blog tour, so go to all the stops for a chance to win the book, and, even better, a zombie survival kit!
So here we go....

When Nina and Katy asked me to blog about the best way to dispose of a zombie, it raised an issue: Do I address taking them out traditionally, orSuper Zombie Juice Mega Bomb (SZJMB) style. I’ve decided to cover both.

Confused, don’t worry. See, in my novel SZJMB, Nate and Misty (the main characters) discover that the best way to handle the undead is with lemonade—actually, anything with a high PH, kills—really neutralizes—zombies. It’s a PH thing (that’s the only science lesson in the book, I promise).  The pair run around armed with Super Soakers, taking out the undead menace.

Personally, I’d suggest a backpack mounted weed sprayer as the ultimate weapon against this type of zombie. It has two advantages over a Super Soaker: First, it requires a lot less pumping; pump it up a bunch and you’re good to go.

Second, it doesn’t eat through your zombie killing juice. Which brings up a weed sprayer’s one drawback: it doesn’t shoot nearly as far as a nice high-powered squirt gun. Unless your IQ is in the same range as your average zombie, you aren’t going out looking for a fight, so you’ll only need to spray ones that get too close. But if the zombies are massing, then the additional firepower a Super Soaker provides just might be called for; just remember, most of these guns only give a dozen or so shots before running out.

Let’s not forget to address taking down traditional zombies. Everyone knows to aim for the head. The real debate is: guns verses blunt implements (baseball bat, golf club, the neighbor’s toy poodle). Traditional wisdom says, guns run out of ammo. But that ignores that fact that, in a pinch, most decent sized rifles can be used as a blunt weapon.

The deciding factor is fatigue; it takes a lot of effort to smash through a skull—especially with those thick-headed politician zombies. Couch potatoes, like me, won’t score more than a couple take-downs before being completely exhausted.

A nice medium caliber rife, some extended magazines and a little luck are enough to get through all but the worst undead onslaught. SKS happens to be my family weapon (meaning my extended family: brothers, sisters, cousins, have at least one). That way, when the dead rise, we can share ammo and spare parts.

Hopefully, this primer has motivated you to think about zombie preparedness. But before I conclude, I have one more tip: whatever weapon you chose, remember the golden rule—always have at least one backup!

And here we have a giveaway!
The prize is an e-book version of Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb. And because it'll be sent via e-mail, it's international!!

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To go find links to all the other stops and to win the zombie survival kit, go to MJA Ware's blog!
Good luck!!

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