Tuesday 4 October 2011

Tea Time Talk-Halloween week coming!!

Only four weeks until Halloween? Got sweets? Got costumes? Got a pile of scary books to read?
Katy and I won’t be going trick or treating this year-instead we’re having a tea party with our friends. And we’re also having a week long event just before!

The Death Books and Tea Halloween Event 2011 (we plan for there to be more next year) will be a week full of reviews of properly scary, chill up your spine scary, books, a couple of posts from both of us on scary books  today, and an international giveaway at the end as part of Paranormal Wasteland’s Zombapocalypse event!

We’ll be kicking off on 24 October and the giveaway will begin on 28th October, so check back then for more!

If you like, spread the word with this amazing button made by Lilia from Horror Shock Lolipop. Go visit them too!

Looking forwards to seeing you in the week before Halloween....if you dare, that is!

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