Friday 4 October 2013

How important do you think LGBTQIA books are for teens? Round 2

Rie: Incredibly important. We need to show all facets of the sexual spectrum in a sex positive manner in order to help adolescents who are struggling with their sexual identity understand it's fine to be exactly who they are.

Ashley: I think they're very important. I'm new to writing this topic and I'm not sure how many books have covered it appropriately for teens. I know there's a good number of M/M and erotica books out there, but I also think it's important to have more PG rated books about young, gay couples and equality, which is what my new novel "A Melody in Harmony" is about.

Sean: I think it's massively important for teens to read that which reflects the reality of their lives. More importantly, though, I think we need to see LGBTQIA characters in genre. I write urban fantasy for teens. I think we need to see someone who isn't plain old white bread.

M: Two answers, in preferential order:
1) Not important because sexual prefence (as gender) shouldn't be a defining 'category'
2) Important because sex & gender are still defining categories in which LGBTQIA is othered in fiction (& life), as heteronormativity generally prevails.

Leit: It helps them feel not as alone.

Caitlin: Very important! Partly because people totally deserve to read books with characters they can relate to and not everyone is white, straight and middle class ;) Everyone deserves representation. But aside from that, people deserve to not be overlooked/ignored. I also think it's important for people who aren't LGBTQIA to be able to read about people who are; to learn, to understand, to see that those people aren't so different from them. Also, diversity is a marvellous thing. We should celebrate it.

Megan: Very very.  I think that fiction is finally pushing the fact that there is nothing to be ashamed of: you should be proud to be gay and there should be just as many books about LGBTQIA teens as there are about straight ones.  Of course, this is not the case yet but I think we're getting there.  I think more LGBTQIA books will be really good for teens who are struggling with their sexuality and will do a lot to change the more... intolerant public's minds.

Charlie M: I think LBGTQIA books for teens are incredibly important. The world is not black/white and straight. To dismiss the experiences of many young readers simply because that experience isn't the majority is counter productive and in my opinion does not make for truthful storytelling. I would have been overjoyed to have read some of the recent books when I was a teenager, and wish I'd known about some older ones.

Illjolras: Incredibly important! Teens need both role models and characters to identify with. If there were more queer fictional characters telling and showing teenagers queerness is incredibly normal, it would give hope and acceptance to those who might not get it otherwise.

Harriet:"For one word, 'important' has many meanings. There are many deviations in the world 'important.' For example, to a few teenagers, LGBTQIA books don't mean a lot, but they'll find that they are important because it broadens the horizon and introduces them to a wider world.
However, to other teens, LGBTQIA books have a higher level of importance, either because the matter applies to them or they just want everything to of equal value.
Thus, I think LGBTQIA books are just as important as anything else in this world; if it is just to bring awareness and understanding, or just an inanimate object that belongs."

James: this is an interesting question. Much LGBT* fiction for teens is ABOUT being LGBT*. I find this very odd. I'm confused as to why it's such an issue. All these books about depressed LGBT* characters having epic dramas about their sexuality doesn't always ring true. I'm much more interested in seeing LGBT* characters going about their business. That said ANY LGBT* character is important so young readers can see themselves in the world of books.

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  1. All of these are so true! I think it's really important to have LGBT characters represented in fiction. I went to an event with David Levithan on Wednesday: And he's pointed out that more and more books are including them, which is awesome :) Great post!



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