Sunday 20 October 2013

News! Hot Key blogger thing and others

Yesterday's Hot Key Books/Templar Books/Piccadilly Press was awesome. Great food, and I got the chance to meet some of my bloggy friends, Georgia and Megan.

There was also a "take what you want" policy of books, so I got some pretty good things, I think. Fleeced and Tribute look especially good. The badges are really cute.  Exile came from Georgia, the rest came from the publishers. Thanks for a great day!  We also got given a bag with a Stephen King quote on it...

The Stephen King Readathon has ended! I finished off Under The Dome, and thought it slow in places, and Misery, which was great throughout. I'm about 3/4 through The Stand, which is really really long. I never got a chance to start Firestarter :(

I AM on a book obtaining ban, aren't I? (Yes, Nina,you are, I hear my mum shout) My to-read book stacks are nearly up to the (pencil) line on my wall, so yeah, I am. Because otherwise everything will fall over.

I say that as I download the complete plays of Shakespeare for 49p. Project Gutenberg, home of free ebooks, I love you, but your formatting of verse is awful. *but strokes the kindle with all of Edgar Allan Poe's stories newly downloaded anyway*

Project UKYA has a new video. Enjoy.

On Friday, the Latin students from my school will be going to Italy until next Wednesday. I have things scheduled, but until then... enjoy life! (while we're "studying" Roman things...or more likely, eating ice-cream and crepes)

Awesomeness of the week (slightly nsfw)  via s3xvoices

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