Sunday 6 October 2013

Winners, things, and news!

Hi guys! Lots of things have happened. Lots of awesome things.

First, giveaway winners!
Big thanks to everyone who entered. You're all awesome. Please do continue commenting on these posts, I did Rainbow Reads to spark discussion and I'd like if that carried on.
Winners time!

  • The Night Itself goes to Georgia W 
  • No Angel goes to VeronikaDream
  • Obscura Burning goes to Ashfa A
  • Dragon Boy and the Witches of Galza goes to #3, Ashfa
  • TBD Upto £8 goes to VeronikaDream
  • UK books goes to #24, Katie H

Congrats! Winners and author contacting to sort out prizes will happen in the following week.

Rainbow Reads was technically meant  to be over by now, but a week of awful internet and my actual lack of organisation meant it isn't. One more week, then SPOOKINESS! 

Speaking of spookiness...  SAY HER NAME by JAMES DAWSON is coming May 2014.  This is a clever cover.

Lots of thanks to people who sent me stuff over the last few weeks.  I got

  • Tinder by Sally Gardner 
  • Shine by Candy Gourlay
  • Blackberry Blue by Jamila Gavin
Looking forwards to getting started on them all :)

Other happenings
The End of Summer by J. Tonzelli
The world's oldest celebration comes to life in The End of Summer: Thirteen Tales of Halloween, an anthology that honors the darkest and strangest night of the year. Each story is designed to be intrinsically and intimately about Halloween—its traditions, its myths, and its effects—and they run the gamut from horrifying to heartbreaking. Halloween night is the tapestry through which a haunted house, a monstrous child, a late-night drive to a mysterious destination, and other tales are weaved. Demons are faced, death is defied, and love is tested. And not everyone makes it out alive.
 The End of Summer has arrived.

  • The passing on list has been updated, and will be growing shortly!  Also, anyone going to the Hot Key/other publisher blogger brunch can have anything.
  • Crudat, a YA audiobook thing by Gail Carriger is kickstarting! It looks awesome. Check it out.
  • Lucy's PROJECT UKYA thing is awesome. Send in photos. 
  • There's going to be a YA Convention at London Film and Comic Con next year and Malorie Blackman will be there and it will be awesome.  I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS. 
  • There's still time to sign up for my Stephen King readathon! 
And happiness of the week, two of my biggest fandoms, Sherlock and Supernatural, being very similar indeed. And killing me with laughter. Credit to thatwasntawkward, and Sherlockand Supernatural belong to BBC and CW.

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  1. Yay- I think The Night Itself is me...? :D haha! Rainbow Reads has been so fun to read discussions of. It's been such a great event- I don't think I commented enough on things, actually, but I did read a lot of the posts!:) The SAY HER NAME cover is just..... agh, I avoided mirrors for a few hours after seeing it! It's so brilliant, though. I think James'll be at the hot key thing, as it's published in 2014! *happy dance*


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