Thursday 24 October 2013

News! Sadness, and prettiness, and awesomeness,

Hi guys. Sorry for the little silence around here. That wasn't meant to happen, but things got in the way.

So news.
Despite my avoidence of the internet, I got spoiled for Allegiant. Damn. Good luck anyone still to read it.

Now seriousness. Apparently, Veronica Roth has been recieving death threats for it. NOT COOL, OK!! Strong reactions, fine, I get it, that wouldn't be the most well received series endings. But to go all out on an author for writing a plot twist you don't agree with is not acceptable.  I really hope none of my readers are any of these people joining in, but you never know. DON'T DO IT GUYS.

Nice news. Banished by Liz de Jager has a cover now! ISN'T IT JUST BEAUTIFUL???
I can't deal with people who can do art like this. Definitely got to get hold of this some time soon.

Big news! Megan invited me to the awards ceremony of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize and Young Critics Competition. It was an amazing night, I met some great people, I'll be doing a writeup about it soon, and Rebecca Stead's Liar and Spy, which won, sounds awesome.  Megan, I could fangirl over her and how bloody awesome she is for ages. I'm not going to because my fingers hurt from all this typing, but hopefully you get the idea.  Just go check out her blog, yes?

Sherlock should be back on 19 January! (I don't trust them to give us happiness regarding Sherlock).

You know I said about that gender in YA project? Can you please go here? And spread the word? There's 30 questions, but you don't have to answer all of them, or you can go through and come back. This is something that is worth half a GCSE, and it's an interesting topic. 

I'm not going to be around for the next week or so, because I'll be going on an "educational" trip with my Latin class! Internet will be intermittent. A few reviews are scheduled. I'll be hanging round my emails every now and again, and maybe other places like goodreads and facebook, but majorly I won't be here. Have a great week everyone!

Awesomeness to leave you with.
More epic bookstore signs via a-geek-without-braces

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