Friday 24 June 2011

Carnegie Day- And the winner is...

So, the winner is...Patrick Ness and Monsters of Men. My thoughts-congratlations. And well done for waiting so long-the other books in the Chaos Walking trilogy have also been shortlisted, but both times he's narrowly missed out.
I know that when I read it, I enjoyed it. However, I've forgotten it beyond that, so I can't give you any more opinion.
As part of the book club, Stephanie, Katy and I went to a picnic/party, where we ate too much and shouted a lot. Of about 18 of us, five of us wanted Monsters of Men. The leader in the vote was Theresa Breslin's Prisoner of the Inquisition.
So there you have it. Patrick Ness is finally the winner. Congratulations.
What did you want to win? What book did you think would win? Comment!!
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