Sunday 5 June 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog award

So, we got nominated for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog award. Our first ever one. Exactly what makes this blog sweet, I’m not sure, but hey? We got it.

How it Works
1. Thank & Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 15 deserving blog buddies.
4. Contact them to congratulate them.

1. So, thank you very much Cassie at Bailey’s Dark Fantasy Reviews. We’re not entirely sure how you came to the conclusion we’re sweet, but thank you, thank you!

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
i. We put random stuff in our tea, ie maple syrup and ginger. But not at the same time.
ii. Anyone brings up death, or gore or something along that line in class, everyone looks at us.
iii. We (sort of) role play China and Japan from Hetalia.
iv. We’re both Chinese, and live in England.
v. We both hate PE, and Geography, and Twilight.
vi. Even though we blog together, we live about forty minutes apart. It makes getting together to work on blog or something else, like tea parties, really annoying because not only when we have to know when we’re free, we also have to know when we have time to force ask our parents to get us to various places.
vii. The majority of the books we review come from our libraries, which have good stock and buy us almost anything we ask them to.

3. Blog friends!
i. Cait Lomas at The Cait Files
ii. Vickie at Comacalm's Corner
iii. Stephanie at Books are a Girls Best Friend
iv.  Grell at Blog of DEATH
v. Emily and Miley at Random Things around Me
     erm... I don't actually have15 blog friends that I know that well...I'm sorry! You'll have to make do with five, and wait for us to make more friends before we actually give the award to them.

4. Done.

Anyway, thank you again Cassie!  Love you all! I'll be back with another post either tonight or tomorrow...


  1. No worries, I love the name of your blog and I have gone and checked your nominations out too :D

  2. WOW thankyou~ <3 we will make this too~

    -Miley & Mily -


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