Thursday 23 June 2011

Carnegie Day Before Announcement

So, today's the day when they announce the winner of the Carnegie Award.  You probably don't remember but I did a post on this earlier, when the shortlist was announced. [Link]

If you have forgotten, here's the shortlist (linked to Amazon)

After reading all but one of them, I don't know what the winner will be. I enjoyed Prisoner of the Inquisiton most-it had a  great plot and kept you hooked in. For this reason, it probably won't win. (example. The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman. Sorry Gaiman! We tried!) 
It would be nice to see Monsters of Men win, just for Patrick Ness. He's been shortlisted twice before with the other books in the trilogy, and it would just be nice for him if he won it this year.

However the judges seem to pick the books that none of us really like...oh well! 
What do you think will win?
We'll see later! 

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  1. Great Carnegie post Nina! Can't wait for our book club party today. Remember to bring some nibbles ;)


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