Friday 24 June 2011

Book Hop #10

Its hosted by Crazy For Books and is a great way of meeting friends.

Book Blogger HopIf you got here, welcome! Here at Death Books and Tea, we read young adult books, mainly horror or paranormal romance or dystopian, a lot of manga, and we like having tea and cake. Please settle down and enjoy life with us!

This week's question is: "When did you realize reading was your passion and a truly important part of your life?"
Answer: I have no idea. I know since reception I loved reading, (thats age 4), and that by year 3, (age 7,) I'd be sitting in the corner of the playground at school reading. This carried on until about age 11. And then I moved schools, which had a book club, the majority of which I am friends with, and spend half my time with at lunch and break times, not necessarily talking about books. Most of my friends come from the fact that we read the same books and got talking about them. So reading has always been my passion, or at least as much as I can remember, and has always been a truly important part of my life.

Thank you for coming by Death Books and Tea! We're nearing 100 followers now...If we get there, we'll do a giveaway.  Tea for all!


  1. Reading at 4-5 is around when I started too! So awesome to find fellow madcap readers :)
    Hiya! Following you :)
    Don't have a book club, though - that might have been good too.

    Thanks for visiting :)
    A cap of 20 books from your library :O whoa.

    Dee, Your newest follower, hopping from e-Volving Books

  2. I've been a lover of books since I can remember. My mom tells me it's because she read to me as a child. But she doesn't read at all anymore haha.

    My Hop is here:


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