Saturday 2 April 2011

Carnegie Shortlist 2011

So..they released the CILIP Carnegie Award shortlist yesterday. It's kind of disappointing.

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As a book club, everyone was disappointed.We all expected Monsters of Men to be shortlisted (the other two in the series were in previous years), but no-one thought any of the others would make it(apart from a friend, who thought White Crow might).
So- my thoughts
 Prisoner of the Inquisition- I tried reading it, but I didnt really like it.
The Death Defying Pepper Roux looks odd...
Monsters of Men. Read it, enjoyed it a bit, forgotten about it. Will have to re-read.
The Brides Farewell looks good.
White Crow. Read it, enjoyed it, don't see how it all fits together. Will re-read.
Out of shadows. Looks good, looks different.

Last year we shadowed the Carnegie as a book club, and won a trip to the awards ceremony. We know personally one third of the authors on that list. Yes, that is only two. And?
Also, we are going to be having a visit from Marcus Sedgewick at some point. Sounds like fun? Hope so.
 As a book club, we might make our own shortlist, thats better.  And we probably will follow the Kate Greenaway award too. Not sure on that.

What does every one else think of this shortlist? Are you disappointed, or are some of these your favourites?
Comment please!


  1. Most of these books sound good but I haven't read a lot of them...

  2. Haha,, you beat me to it! I was planning a post on the shortlist tomorrow. I still will though. I want to teake Prisoner Of The Inquisition out for Easter because I really enjoyed Theresa's Breslin's book Rememberance.


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